How to Get Fornite Confert Coins at Fornite Concerts – Epic game collaboration with marshmello and many artists who joined this event. by completing the game, the players can get free cosmetics from marshmello, this concert is the first time of its kind on fornite.

This collaboration also gives players the opportunity to get free cosmetics and we can buy them in the store. Travis Scott’s biggest concert also broke the record with Fortnite.

recently fornite held a concert with Ariana Grande called the Fortnite Soundwave Series. several artists who have joined this concert, among others, Tones and I. This concert will start on Friday, January 21, then will be repeated tomorrow on January 24, 2022.

This is our chance to collect concert coins for a total prize of 55,000 chapter 3 season 1 XP. here we recommend fornite concert venues to collect coins.


Get Concert Coins on Fornite

How to collect fornite concert coins is certainly not an easy thing, we have to find where the most fornite concert coins are and can complete missions quickly.

to be able to start this game, you have to change the game mode for how to change it please click the “change” button above the “play button”

then you will see the SoundWave Series Toned and I game, then select start to continue, in this concert you can collect as many concert coins as possible

You can collect fornite coins to get free spray by enjoying the ongoing concert.

that’s the easy way to collect concert coins on fornite, you can do this method patiently if you want to get 55,000 XP.

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